New Shop Coming Soon to Perkasie! 

New Shop Coming Soon to Perkasie! 

Our Story

I have always loved to bake, but when my husband and I adopted our son, it took on a whole new meaning. I made cupcakes for all occasions; school, birthdays, holidays, etc. Papa’s Cupcakes was born through the support of family and friends.

Every single cupcake is made from scratch with butter, sugar and other finer ingredients. Each cupcake has homemade fillings that vary from fruit, curds, custards, and more. Even the frostings add a different layer of flavor. All baking is done out of my home and done fresh per order. The cupcakes are made the way I like them—fresh and full of flavor. All orders, whether large or small, will be handled with the same love and attention.

All my cupcake batters can be made into cakes as well with the same delicious fillings and frostings. If you would like something special made, such as pies, cookies, or other baked goods. Just ask and I will try to accommodate. 

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